Heaven will be better

  This week God called home a precious friend. This friend was always one of the easiest people to talk to and he always had many interesting stories. But one of the things I most appreciate about this chap was his kindness. This guy was just good with people. The kind of person who could... Continue Reading →


Better than the eclipse

It was cool to see the eclipse yesterday. From where I live it was about a 75% eclipse. At the peak of the eclipse it was a really weird light and felt kind of cool, temperature wise. This is the best of the pics that I took.   As so much has been written and... Continue Reading →


Like all of you I have heard so much talk about the horrible bigotry that happened in Charlottesville, Virginia last week. I’ve read the posts and totally understand the outcry over the hatred and the violence. I share the concern with how much more polarized our country seems to be getting. (If you have not... Continue Reading →

The fear that they will get away with it

Anger sometimes comes from unforgiveness. You may justify that unforgiveness by some deep hurt thats been committed against you. You may say “What they’ve done is unforgivable”. I have heard many people say versions of that comment. For example, think about this - how can a young person forgive a father who abused them as... Continue Reading →

Anger hinders –

Inbuilt in all of us is a sense of justice. A toddler will cry out if another toddler takes ‘their toy’. If you live near a four way stop you will see daily reminders of people demanding justice from each other ‘I was here first’, ‘you went before me, that’s not right’. But then there... Continue Reading →


I'm not the most patient person. In fact if you were to line up 100 random people and order them based on their ability to be patient I would definitely be towards the back of the line....if not one of the last. I know some people are just more naturally patient than others. Some people... Continue Reading →

I was talking to my friend about lamenting recently and he wisely said this - “Complaining assumes he owes us a full explanation right now. Complaining puts us in charge, makes us God. Lamenting lets him be God, and he is better at it than we are!”. Complaining then says ‘God I want a different... Continue Reading →

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